Victory Center Fireworks Stand: H54 North of Hurliman - Black Cats, M90’s, Duck Commander and more.

Guymon Fireworks Display: Dusk Saturday. SEE: Thompson Park, Sunset Lake, Activity Center, NW Guymon.

Fireworks prohibited in Seward County. City display after the BJ's home game Saturday night.

Beaver Fire Department fireworks at dark.

Best seat in HITCH for the Kasey Hays Stormy Wing Invitational. Bring 10 friends, $100 in concessions AND $100 CASH. Go by Reid Furniture at Northridge and register!

P.Diddy falling into a hole at the BET awards. Watch it over and over and over and over.

October 3-4 to The Texas County Activity Center! <READ MORE>

We Love OPSU

Helms Garden Shop. Lawns. Gardens. FREE! advice. South of the Post Office. <READ MORE>

Amazing pistol being raffled off by the American Legion! <READ MORE>

Victory Center Church all-church conference, August 20-24 with featured speaker Chip Brim of Champions 4 Christ. <READ MORE>

Grif Golf Blue Bonnet Park all week to benefit National Night Out, August 4th.  LPD has Pizza Hut Fundraiser cards.  $13: large 3 topping pizza.

Kasey Hays & Stormy Wing Invitational “BlueDef Velocity Tour” @ Hitch July 25th, 8p.  Tickets $12-$20 @ gate.

Orange And Black game from Mckinnon Stadium in the archives @ KKBS.TV. More soon. Check back often..

“Fury Road” August 1st Dirtona Raceway Hugoton.  Gearheads and backyard mechanics welcome for 100 laps of mayhem/$1000!  Info:

Build, sell, and provide engine field service.  Call 866 686 3884 toll free or locally at 620-356-3467.


Guymon's premier auction company. Latest scheduled auctions: <READ MORE>

The Texas County Grease Monkeys in Hooker are your local certified mechanics on Highway 54 in Hooker <READ MORE>

TCEC is Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative. So let's all cooperate!