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1.      Stopping Government Abuse Week:

·        This week the House will consider another series of measures to stop government abuse and hold the Obama Administration accountable for its executive overreach.

·        The Administration continues to abuse its power though selective enforcement of the laws and the use of executive actions to bypass Congress.

·        The House will act this week by considering a package of bills to address government abuse that is threatening people’s liberty and their hard earned paychecks:

o   H.R. 899 – Unfunded Mandates Info and Transparency Act: Enhances Transparency, accountability, and awareness of federal mandates.

o   H.R. 3865 – Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act: Prevents proposed IRS regulations on 501(C)(4) organizations form taking effect.

o   H.R. 2804 – Achieving Less Excess in Regulation and Requiring Transparency (ALERRT) Act: Package of bills that Requires federal agencies to publish more timely info. on the status and cost of planned new regulations , preventing regulators from hiding the ball and helping the public to plan better new requirements. It also promotes openness and transparency in the regulatory process.

o   H.R. 1211- FOIA Act: Directs federal agencies to process FOIA with a presumption of openness, placing the burden on them to justify withholding info.

o   H.R. 1232 – Federal Info. Technology Acquisition Reform Act: Reforms the procurement management process the Govt. uses to purchase approx. 480 billiion annual in IT products and services.

o   H.R. 1423 – Taxpayers Right-To-Know Act- (Sponsored by Lankford): Requires every federal agency to provide taxpayers an annual report card on all of its programs providing administrative costs and staffing info, expenditures for services and number of program recipients.

o   H.R. 3308 – Taxpayer Transparency Act – Requires executive branch agencies to include a disclaimer to alert the public to any communication (mailers, brochures, TV/Radio ads, billboards, emails, etc.) paid for at taxpayer expense.

o   H.R. 1944 – Private Property Rights Protection Act: Denies some federal economic development funds to states and localities that abuse eminent domain powers.

o   H.R. 2530 – Taxpayer Transparency and Efficient Audit Act: Requires the IRS to disclose to the taxpayer when the IRS has shared tax info. with another agency and places a time limit on how long an individual can be subjected to an audit.


2.      H.R. 3193, The Consumer Financial Freedom and Washington Accountability Act

1.      It’s insulated from Congressional oversight because its budget is not subject to the appropriations process.

2.      It is insulated from Executive Branch oversight because the president can’t remove the Director except for cause, can’t coordinate its regulatory activity, and can’t enforce budget discipline.

3.      It lacks internal checks and balances because it has a single-member leadership structure rather than a multimember commission and even lacks its own Inspector General.

·        To solve these issues, the House is considering H.R. 3193, a package of bills that passed the Financial Services Committee Nov. 20, 2013.

·        H.R. 3193 replaces the single CFPB Director with a five-year member Commission appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate to ensure that a diversity of viewpoints inform the CFPB’s regulatory and enforcement agenda.

·        The legislation subjects the CFPB to the regular appropriations process and makes the CFPB a stand-alone independent agency, rather than an independent bureau within the Federal Reserve System.

·        It prevents the CFPB from undermining the safety and soundness of U.S. financial institutions through regulatory overreach.

·        H.R. 3193 sets the basic rates of pay for CFPB employees in accordance with the GS Scale.

·        The legislation also prohibits the CFPB from using private, personal financial information without the consumer’s knowledge and consent.

·        Checks and balances are the hallmark of good government.

·        The goal of H.R. 3193 is to make the CFPB more accountable to hardworking taxpayers.

·        These reforms don’t hinder CFPB’s authority to write rules – they simply protect consumers and safeguard access to affordable credit by creating transparency and accountability in the Bureau. 


3.      Farm Bill – Agriculture Act of 2014:


4.  Contact Congressman Lucas: